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Thrilling moment of a video operator capturing horse riders in full gallop through a river, armed with rifles and swords, ready for an epic battle.
PostStudio logotype


Creating a story and valuable
asset for films and people behind it 

Heartwarming scene of an elderly woman and man, covered in dirt and hay, sharing laughter and positive vibes outside a house. A curious and amused man is staring at them through the window, captivated by their joy.

A film production is a magic and dynamic process with a huge behind-the-scenes workload, including photography. 


The producers, studio publicity departments, PR firms, or film sales agents need bespoke images to create intrigue for an audience and sales success during film artworks, publicity, advertisement and promotion. 


If you need images for a studio’s archive or pre-release campaigns, I can integrate with a cast and crew with no interference. 

Captivating image of a field adorned with vibrant red poppies, as an elderly man joyfully rides through on his crusty old bike, enjoying the beauty of nature.

An invisible
behind-the scenes

●      Location scouting

●      Wide and medium shots

●      Close-ups

●      Cast members 

●      Crew shots

●      Cast wardrobe and styling 

●      Empty sets and layouts  

●      Arranged scenes 

Remaining invisible while shooting stills through a crew’s eye for a movie, TV show, documentary or shorts, I share space, light (and shadow) and sound with a director, actors, the grips, boom and camera operators.


For rehearsals, behind-the-scenes content, filming process and moments between takes, PostStudio offers the following unit still services with motion images:

Fun-filled moment on set during a film-making episode, with an actor playfully lying on a stretcher while two men sit in front of him, sharing laughter and joy.

Growing up on set with my father capturing stills, I love and know everything about films and crews, and have a strong sense of film making etiquette.


I have been working in the film industry since 2005, on international projects I’ve developed a core of essential skills and promise to deliver quality visual material with:


●      Confidentiality

●      Punctuality

●      Efficiency

●      Persistence

●      Patience

●      Stamina

Unit still
skill set

If you need film posters, billboards or publications with post-editing or on-set captured moments for studio archives or campaigns, I’ll make a variety of authentic and raw quality images reflecting the breath and experience of film production and increasing your profit in the long term.  


On the day and post-edit service includes:


●      Extended software for retouch 

●      Backing up

●      High-quality equipment

●      High resolution

●      Web-use images

●      Cloud images library 

●      Thorough skill set of graphic design 

A captivating moment of the silhouette of an elderly man sitting on a stool, carefully taking a film cassette from a boy's hand with the sun sets in the background.
Unit stills photographer price

from $300 p/h

*a travel fee to your site applies 

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