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Film director engagingly explaining an upcoming film episode to photographer Ilya Postnikov.
PostStudio logotype


We are Ilya and Anna from PostStudio, an events and BTS family-run photography business based in Brisbane. Photography is our family calling, not just a profession. 


Passionate about documentary reportage photography and creating brand or people stories, our extended skills in graphic design and event organising offer you not only a professional photographer service but also an assistant, all in one place. 


When working with us, you can be sure that your photographer is in a muse and will create memorable photos, because an assistant has got his back. 


When hiring our squad, you can enjoy every moment of your family event  or focus on your business, creating powerful imagery for your brand or filmmaking

Ilya and Anna are in an improvised backstage studio for photographing music bands


Born in Kazakhstan in a BTS photographer family, I was lucky to learn the magic of photography from an early age. 


Everything from taking care of the gear and a prior exploration of a site, working at huge Middle East events to the secrets of the old era of Soviet Union cinematography and printing and post publication production. 


Being in business for nearly a decade I gained experience in local and international projects, advertising and BTS photography in Kazakhstan, UAE and Australia and am ready to chronicle milestones of your life. 


I love snowboarding and extreme sports and stay up to date with everything tech. 


Also, I have extensive experience in creating dynamic and visually stunning scene-designs for numerous filmmaking projects and can be additional help for your crew. 


Some extra:

●      Member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS)

●      Workshop with Dan Margulis

●      Open driver licence

●      Current police check

●      Full professional kit on hand

●      Australian citizenship

●      Russian and English language

●      Certificate III in Business

●      Available for travel nationally and overseas

A photographer Ilya Postnikov is sitting in a photo studio.

I’m a planner, communication manager, guardian of expensive gear, assistant during a photo session and a spare pair of hands and eyes for your photographer. With a guided approach to every event, whether it’s a business or family event, I ensure there is no stress or details missed. 


Want to ensure your hairstyle and makeup look like it’s just been done? 

Need to coordinate a large group of people or models for a posed photo? 

Handling communication with vendors or participants involved in the event?


Working in sport and fashion events since 2016, I gained extensive problem-solving, communication and creative skills ensuring you have a smooth run and enjoy every moment. 

I love people, astrology, everything media and fashion and have an eye for beautiful details. 


Some extra:

●      Certificate I in Business

●      Traineeship in hospitality events

●      Current police check

●      Australian citizenship

●      Russian and English language

An image of Anna Plyamina wearing a bold Polka dot shirt, gazing at the camera.
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