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Sumptuous feast of grilled fish, kebabs, freshly baked bread, vegetables, dips, and herbs laid out on a table.

Strong sense branding images that
speak and sale for your business


PostStudio logotype
PostStudio logotype

If you are in real estate, hospitality, fashion or a service-based business, you need visual content to promote and sell. 


We’ve been working in commercial photography since 2000 and know how to showcase your product or company through advertising, promotional and catalogue photos, website images and package design photos. 

Elegant stack of silver bracelets adorned with gemstones and diamonds resting on a rock.
Enchanting image of a woman as an ice queen with closed eyes, adorned with stunning makeup and icy decorations.

Framing your
brand concept
with sharp images

We get to know your business in-side-out before the session. The images need to reflect your values and personality and align with your branding. They need to be memorable, authentic and create a positive feeling for your clients. 


From a menu and brochures, posters, media publications and billboards for local businesses, to product catalogues for e-commerce websites and online presence, PostStudio photography services offer:


●      Fashion photography

●      Food photography

●      Product photography

●      Real-estate photography

●      Business headshots

●      Event photos

●      Conference photoshoots

●      Environmental portraits

●      Industrial photography

Whether it’s a studio photoshoot, a session in your office, restaurant or outdoor environment, we shoot images to frame your business concept and meet your purpose with an exceptional level of detail.


Images enable you to show the quality of your products, show the vibe of your venue or a taste of your meals and tell the story of your brand.

●      Concept advice 

●      Photographic studio hire*

●      Travel to your site 

●      Set styling for product or portrait

●      High-quality equipment 

●      Copyright and clause agreement


*at your expense 

Busy outdoor construction site with a front wheel loader in action, unloading gravel in front of a crane.

of your brand

A young female gymnast is training at the apparatus in a gym, and there is a black and white photograph with deep shadows on the wall
Your own visual content creator

Creating visual content takes a lot of time, money and energy. But it’s an ongoing need for any brand or professional. 

When you work with us, we establish a trustful relationship and build a profile and engaging images library for your campaign or content goals with a company concept in mind. 

When you need to refresh your visuals, add images of new product lines or present new employee or properties for sale, collaborate with us again to save time on future onboarding.


●      Graphic design service

●      Retouch 

●      High resolution

●      Web-use formatting

●      Cloud images library 

●      Printed design service

●      Unlimited business use

Commercial photography pricing 

from $350 p/h

*a travel fee applies to your site

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