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A striking silhouette of a horse rider in the distance, against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and dark, heavy clouds, creating a dramatic scene. PostStudio
PostStudio logotype

Chronicle your personal and professional milestones


Photography is the art of making memories tangible.”
Destin Sparks

Captivating unit still from a film-making episode at sunset, featuring busy video operators, lighting and audio assistants in action, with decorative lights shining in the background.



Create valuable assets for your film with authentic and raw quality images

Luscious green apples popping with vibrancy on a clean white background, glistening with droplets of water for a refreshing and tempting look.



Get powerful images to showcase your business and create a strong brand message  

Enchanting moment of a bride and groom standing in a dimly lit corridor, holding small white roses and candles, bathed in a warm glow of light with their eyes closed.



Capture your dream wedding and create vivid photos that you'll treasure forever


PostStudio is a creative unit of Ilya and Anna. Partners in life and team at work. 


We offer bespoke photography services for your business growth, film success and special events. 


The second-generation photographer and the passionate assistant are the squad you need to create a photographic chronicle of your life. 

Confidently posed Ilya Postnikov and relaxed looking Anna Plyamina are surrounded by film-making equipment boxes showing confidence and determination

Let us help you create a timeless chronicle of your life's
special milestones. Check out our work.

PostStudio - Events and BTS Photography

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